Turn-key Rapid COVID testing tailored for Businesses

We provide on-site and at-home COVID-19 testing services tailored for businesses and events. We operate nationwide and are dedicated to keeping workers on-site safe with cost effective testing and rapid results to ensure your business can operate effectively with integrated logistics.

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What We Do

Rapid Testing

Rapid Testing

Kwokman Diagnostics has access to the most advance testing nationwide. Quick turnaround results are the difference between keeping personnel at home and getting them back on-site.

On-Site Safety

On-Site safety

We make it easy to implement health screening in the workplace. We facilitate individual temperature kiosks and mass thermal scanning, and health questionnaire implementation.

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We implement the latest technology in temperature testing with a web application that acts as a safe, HIPAA compliant data repository.

Our in-house VMS system can stand alone or integrate with client's existing platform.

Comprehensive return-to-work protocol starting with fast, accurate testing

Our mission is to provide a turn-key solution that keeps workers who need to be on-site safe.  

Kwokman Diagnostics’ platform is a flexible solution for any return-to-work protocol.  

With 20 years of experience in the broadcast logistics and event industry, in combination with expert scientists and medical professionals,we are uniquely positioned to facilitate testing and on-site safety for even the most complex and demanding situations.